Let the record reflect that 56.1 is still a salary cap decrease, just not as extreme a decrease as originally projected... » 4/16/10 4:53pm 4/16/10 4:53pm

@MarkKelsosMigraine: It probably had to do with the pallet of chocolate-covered pretzels. » 3/03/10 1:13pm 3/03/10 1:13pm

@lunchbox: Mike L. already has *two* jobs spouting bullshit... » 2/24/10 2:53pm 2/24/10 2:53pm

@TakingBackSeinfeld: It's the same reason Deadspin is the #1 sports blog— dick and fart jokes. » 2/18/10 1:59pm 2/18/10 1:59pm

@TommTer: NBC would like you to call it the Shroud of Torino, thanks. » 2/17/10 11:10am 2/17/10 11:10am

@notthequarterback: Mona from Who's the Boss? hired him to guide the expansion Orlando Breakers, remember? Gosh. » 2/05/10 4:37pm 2/05/10 4:37pm

@Hit Bull Win Steak: Lemon Party is the worst, as far as I'm concerned. And in my group of friends, the "Lemon Party" because a trophy in our fantasy football league for if your game featured the two lowest overall scores in a particular week, complete with the original picture for the recipients. Talk about… » 2/02/10 5:29pm 2/02/10 5:29pm

@Hit Bull Win Steak: Before reading your explanation I thought maybe you were suggesting that Drew move this column to ballsdeep.goatse.cx. » 2/01/10 4:30pm 2/01/10 4:30pm

@MattinglysSideburns: At the very least Donner wasn't a persistent reminder of a time-honored West Virginia stereotype. » 1/26/10 10:10am 1/26/10 10:10am

@CaptFamous: For me the "Three S" was the same as the "Holy Trinity" — shit, shower and shave. Get those three in before you hit the bar and you're gonna have a good ol' night. » 1/19/10 4:29pm 1/19/10 4:29pm

@MarkKelsosMigraine: Jann Wenner's class Cultural Relevance: It Is All In Your Own Mind. » 12/18/09 12:22pm 12/18/09 12:22pm

Deadspin as a voice of journalistic reason? Did Daulerio take the day off? How will the shepherded masses react to Deadspin putting out a very well-written and well-thought-out critique? Who shot JR? Why does it burn when I pee? » 12/18/09 12:14pm 12/18/09 12:14pm

@manadajigity: I am going to print that out and put it under my girlfriend's pillow tonight. #openmailbagtuesday » 11/10/09 4:38pm 11/10/09 4:38pm

@Kid Canada: The guys who decided to run commercials for that fucking Twilight movie during NBA games thinks that FOX's demographic research was spot-on, in this case. #foxsports » 11/03/09 10:41am 11/03/09 10:41am